High-speed Motor Cube

by Tenka Labs


How fast is 19,000 RPM (rotations per minute)? At this speed, your vehicle can move swiftly across a table with a propeller. Or, add rubber bands and pulley wheels to make a super-fast racer. However, with the high RPM of this motor, torque is lowered, so it does not have as much force to turn gears or big wheels.

The High-speed Motor Cube is just one part of a circuit. Add a battery to power your creations, an LED to light them up, and a switch to take control!

  • Fits your bricks! Works with all LEGO® and MegaBloks®-type construction bricks
  • Seamless circuit connectivity (no soldering) 
  • Safety-tested & approved for ages 8+
  • Created by STEM teachers, tested by kids

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